Design Center Specialty Services

Sometimes all it takes to refresh your home is the keen eye of our designer who can suggest simple to complex changes that will make you feel as though you have completely re-done your home.

A breath of fresh air with a warm cup of coffee can be yours by calling 480-491-1211 and ask for your free, in-home consultation.

Iron Work is another form of art that we bring to your walls, intertwined with beautiful fabrics. The bending and twisting of the iron forges a unique connection between the woven threads that lay upon it and the ambience of your domain. 

Sometimes that old chair from your great grandmother is too precious to give away, but with new fabric and a few little repairs, it can be an heirloom with renewed life, yet with the treasured old memories. Our upholsterer has made his craft an art form with your furniture as beneficiaries.

Room Design

Iron Work

We search the world for the finishing touches of your draperies that set apart the ordinary from the extraordinary.  Jeweled beads, elegant crystals that shimmer in the setting sun, ornate embroidery that graces the threads of a tassel, are the special garnishments that we sew into your personalized fabric centerpieces.